About Us

Why GoLion?

GoLion is the first ever Insurance Mall, giving you the freedom to choose the insurer of your choice. With our platform you can now purchase insurance protection, manage insurance policies and claim from insurers.

You can setup an account in 30 seconds. Enabling you to instantly access available insurers and get protection right away. We bring insurance to the digital age, and provide an intelligent solution connecting insurance companies to customers. By digitalising insurance products, we make the whole journey more transparent, pleasant and convenient.

GoLion has exceptional tools and features for you to find insurance products immediately, saving your time and money.

Where do you offer your services now?

Currently we offer products in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. Be the first to know when it comes to your country.

How does GoLion work?

Simply put, we are a mall that connects insurers to you.

Why should I buy through GoLion and not from the insurer?

Unlike traditional insurers, we strive to make the purchasing experience as simple as possible. You don’t need to fill in piles of paperwork for the protection you need. Moreover, you can save your information within our app, terminating the need to fill in your details with each insurer every time you purchase insurance.

Insurers also offer exclusive vouchers on our platform. In other words, you’re getting the best price.

How can I contact you?

Your satisfaction is our no.1 priority. You can contact us here or email: contact@golion.com

What is the 24 emergency helpline for?

The 24 hour emergency helpline is for any enquiries you have while overseas. This service has been paid for when you purchase travel insurance protection. Be sure to quote your policy number when you call. The call is made through Mobile Data (WIFI) and not an international call.

How can I purchase protection for my family?

We recommend you to pre-set the personal details of you and your family. This helps make the purchasing experience quicker every time.

What insurance products do you have?

Our insurance products are limited to what the insurer offers, so keep an eye out for new products. Subscribe here to be the first to hear.

How do I know I am covered?

Thank you for your purchase! You will know once you receive the confirmation email from the insurer.

Why do I sometimes see Wesurance and GoLion with the same logo?

GoLion is a new business model developed and trademark as a One-stop Insurance Mall. Wesurance Limited is the company behind GoLion.

How do I send my feedback about GoLion?

We strive to put our customer at the heart of everything we do. If you have any concerns, suggestion, or feedback, the best way is to send us a message here or email us at contact@golion.com

Insurance Products and Policies

Who should I contact if I have a question about Insurance Products?

You should always contact the insurer if you have any enquiries regarding insurance products and claiming process. However feel free to read the policy coverage before purchasing the protection.

We are glad to help if you got a question regarding GoLion platform.

Who should I contact if I have a question about the GoLion platform?

Your questions and feedbacks are very important to us. You may contact us here or email: contact@golion.com

Can I buy insurance for a friend or family?


You may purchase protection for your friends and family for selected products. You can pre-set family details in our app, so you don’t have to fill it in every time.

What is the difference between all these products?

There are many insurance products in GoLion. Each insurance plan has its own purpose and features. You can use our sorting system to filter out the insurance product your are looking for.

How can I compare the insurance products?

Each insurance products is different, we suggest for you to use the filter system to find that product you need and to look at the policy coverage before purchasing the protection.

I haven’t received my medical card, what should I do?

You may contact the insurer if you have any enquiries regarding insurance products. It usually takes 15 working days to process the medical card.


How often do you provide new vouchers?

We don’t create the vouchers ourselves. Our insurers offer exclusive vouchers on the platform and we encourage them to offer vouchers regularly. 


How would I get paid from my claim?

Insurers have many ways in compensating you. The most common way is to send you a letter along with a check.

What do I need to provide for a claim?

Each insurer requires different evidence for your compensation. You can download their claim forms or contact the related insurer for more information.

Why can’t I use Easy Claim?

Easy claim availability is subject to the insurer’s policy. Subscribe to our Facbeook Page to hear when new insurer have access to easy claim.

Selected insurance policies have access to Easy Claim. Easy Claim is a paperless insurance claim process. You can pre-fill questions about personal information making the process easier and faster than filling it by hand. However, if you prefer you can also download the claim form and fill it in by hand.


Will you save any of my information?

We won’t use your personal details in anyway apart from providing it to relevant insurers. Rest assured, we will not save any personal or family personal information without your consent.

Within the insurers page we cannot save or access any of your family and friends’ personal details in anyway. 

Will my personal information be used in anyway?

We guarantee that your personal details will not be shared to any third party apart from the relevant insurers. This includes any saved personal or family information in the members page.


Who should I contact if I want to get a refund?

We are sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the product. If you no longer require the product, you may contact the relevant insurer. Insurer contact details are available in the product page and in the confirmation email.

For other insurance enquiries, you may also use the same insurer contact details.